A Three-Generations-Long Story
of Sorrentine Artisan Gelato Makers

Gelateria David has deep roots in tradition, with a history that spans three generations of dairy masters.

It all began around 1930 when Mario Gargiulo's great-grandfather, compelled to leave Sorrento during World War II, started the family's first dairy in Frosinone.

Returning to Sorrento with his family, Mario's grandfather, Augusto Davide, followed in his father's footsteps until 1956 when, in 1957, the Davide family inaugurated their first traditional gelateria in Sorrento. The passion for gelato was then passed down through Mrs. Maria Davide, Mario's mother, to our present days, continuing the family tradition.

Since 2004, Mario Gargiulo has infused new energy into Gelateria David, transforming it into one of Sorrento's most renowned artisan gelaterias. Every day, the gelateria becomes a meeting place for youngsters, couples, and elders, all drawn to the courtesy, professionalism, and extensive selection of both classic and innovative flavors.

The art of gelato-making and its artisanal production always intrigue customers who appreciate skillfully crafted cones and cups. To share some of the secrets of creating the perfect gelato, Mario initiated the "Gelato Class" for those who participate. In Gelateria David's laboratory, daily "tasting demonstrations" of gelato take place, where participants learn the stages of preparation and the importance of quality ingredients. At the end, they can savor the freshly made artisanal gelato or choose from the variety of flavors available in the gelateria.

Gelateria David is a true celebration of the gelato tradition in Sorrento, where the passion for artisanal gelato blends with the joy of sharing unique and delightful experiences with our devoted customers. Come and enjoy an authentic and genuine gelato experience with us! Have fun!

Tradition is the secret that makes each of our gelatos a unique and unforgettable experience, and our pride is in sharing with you all the love and dedication that brought us here. Welcome to our gelateria, where every taste is a celebration of the past and an embrace of the future of flavor!