Pan David

The Pan David is one of the specialties of Gelateria David. It is produced with fresh eggs and milk mixed with sugar, flour and naturally leavened. Pan David can be filled at your personal tastes with Nutella cream or fresh fruit. Pan David are produced at the moment and served warm with a dusting of icing sugar.

Salty Gelato

Salty Gelato was born from one of the last trials of Mario Gargiulo. At the traditional Gelato receipt, made with fresh cream and milk, are added vegetables, cheese mixed with fruit and much more. The last creations are gelato with tomato and basil; melon and ham, curry, parmesan cheese and Sorrentoís nuts. This mentioned are the famous flavors but at our Gelateria you can enjoy much flavors.

Other Specialties

The handmade gelato produced in our laboratory is made with cream and fresh milk. Gelato with fruit flavors are produced with fresh milk and seasonal fruit. In summer you will certainly find gelato in strawberry, peach, cherry and melon flavor while in winter you can enjoy dried fruit flavors and “Sorrento lemons”. Among the most popular flavors there is the hazelnuts, produced with Giffoni hazelnuts and pistachio flavor, made with pistachios from Sicily. The production of Gelateria David is also designed for people who are lactose and gluten intolerant. In fact, at the Gelateria David are also available cones for celiac. The Gelato produced at our Gelateria is produced on daily bases to prevent the balance and the subsequent recycling.
Fresh Yogurt

One of the other specialties of Gelateria Davis is the fresh light yogurts which are produced with fresh milk. Yogurts can be filled at your personal taste with fresh or dried fruits, cereals, nutella cream and much more.


Crepes are produced with fresh eggs, milk and flour. Are prepared at the moment and served very ward. Crepes can be filled with nutella cream or fresh fruit. A dusting of icing sugar as decor.

Mousse cakes

Parfait pies are ideal as dessert in summer as well as in winter. You can enjoy parfait pies in family size or portion. The parfait pies are produced with gelato and mousse in many flavors or with creams in different flavors. The parfait pies are decorated with caramelized almonds and dark chocolate.


The waffles are another of the many specialties that you can enjoy at our gelateria. Waffels are prepared with fresh milk and eggs mixed with baking powder and flour. Waffles are cooked in special grill which gives the waffles the typical squared look. The classic recipe wants waffles stuffed with Nutella and a sprinkle of powdered sugar but can be filled according to your taste.