Ice maker for three generation

Davide’s tradition starts at the begining of the 30’s when Mario’s great-grandfather was forced to flee because of the Second World War and he moved to Frosinone, where he opened the first family dairy. Back to Sorrento, Mr. Augusto Davide, Mario’s grandfather, continues the tradition of master cheese until 1956. After about a year, Davide’s family inaugurated the first Gelateria in 1957 and family tradition is maintained by Mrs. Mary, mother of Mario.

A family affair - Great-grandfather, grandfather, grandson

Since young Mario Gargiulo was educated in the processing of milk. He moved to Australia where he worked in different ice cream stores and returned to Italy to continue the long family tradition. After several years of playing and working abroad, Mario decides to take the plunge by opening their own business.

The homemade ice cream - Art of taste

In 2004, Mario Gargiulo took one of the most popular ice cream stores in Sorrento. The gelateria becomes over the years the meeting place for children, youth, and elderly couples, who come to enjoy the many delights offered by Mario in his ice cream.