Ice cream makers for three generations

The Gelateria David is the brainchild of Mario Gargiulo, the third  generation of master cheese.The Gelateria is located in the center of Sorrento, a short walk from the Circumvesuviana  railway station and the main street of the town. Mario, as well as a wide range of ice cream, suggests other specialties such as waffles, crapes, David Pan, fresh yoghurt, soft ice-cream cakes, and many other delights.

The imagination of Mario Gargiulo never stops, so that he experienced “salt” ice cream flavors.  In fact, at the Gelateria David di Sorrento you can enjoy ice cream flavored with Parmesan cheese, rosemary, tomato and basil and olive oil from Sorrento. Other tastes are being tested.

Among other things we offer:

The Pan David

The Pan David is one of the specialties of Gelateria David. It is produced with fresh eggs and milk mixed with sugar, flour and naturally leavened. Pan David can be filled at your personal tastes with Nutella cream  or fresh fruit. Pan David are produced at the moment and served warm with a dusting of icing sugar.

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“Salty” Gelato

“Salty” Gelato  was born from one of the last trials of Mario Gargiulo. At the traditional Gelato receipt, made with fresh cream and milk, are added vegetables, cheese mixed with fruit and much more. The last creations are gelato with tomato and basil; melon and ham, curry, parmesan cheese and Sorrento’s nuts.  This mentioned are the famous flavors but at our Gelateria you can enjoy much flavors.

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